Hi!  Rachel here.

When I was born my left foot had a bunion on it.  It has made it hard to have shoes fit.  It has always hurt but I got used to it.  My mom took me to a doctor about 8 years ago and he said it was too complicated to fix.  I moved to California with my sister and joined Special Olympics.  I swam and I ran track.  It hurt but I did it anyway.  My foot hurt a little more  and a little more and a little more until it hurt a lot.  It got so I wasn’t walking right and I wasn’t walking much.  Then I told my mom how much more it was hurting and that I didn’t care if it was complicated,  I wanted to do it anyway.  She found Dr. Rincker who is so nice!  She said it was serious but must be done or it would become a physical disability.  She said it would be very painful and I told her I understood but I wanted to do it anyway.  My first dTe for surgery was the first of June.  Then we found out that I have Hashoto disease which means my thyroid doesn’t work right either. Now I take medicine and it is finally ok so they made the new appointment January 4.  Everyone thought I would be scared but I wasn’t.  When you want something so badly you make up your mind to be brave – and  I was!  At the motel I told the lady who was cleaning that I was going in for surgery and she came and gave me a cute bear to take in with me.  Wasn’t that nice?

Everyone everywhere was so nice.  I was happy going in for surgery and I was happy when they checked me out when it was over. I think I surprised everybody.  There has been some pain but nothing bad because the pain that was in my foot got a little worse every day and this pain will get better every day and soon it will be gone and I will have a normal foot.

It snowed all night the night before in Eugene and it snowed all the time I was being surged so we had to stay another night before we could go home.  It is good to be home after my great adventure!  See the pictures.  See you soon! 


My Life

Hi! Rachel here!

It is raining but that is ok because I love the rain.  I love all kinds of weather.  Kind of like life.  When life gets in my way or when it gets really hard or I am stressed – I wouldn’t have life any  other way.  I love my life!  Even if my life changes it’s mind and goes different ways than what I thought it would or should, it is still my life  and it is perfect just the way it is. It’s a dog’s life! 

  I live in a beautiful placeIMG_2404IMG_2347IMG_2443 and a great familyIMG_2651


Hi! Rachel here!

  • Love.    It is always there to hold your hand when nobody else understands.  Every body needs a little love.
  • Love.  Love heals
  • Love. Is some type of action . When someone hurts themselves and a person is right there and runs over to help and give comfort – that’s Love.
  • Love.  Is any action that shows love. Lots of love can’t be explained. It is magic.  If it could speak it would shout up to the sky!
  • Love.  It can be talked about but not not always understood and not every single time.
  • Love. Open your eyes to it. It is here. It is now. I wish I knew the answers to love. It can be anything.
  • Love.  We, by we I mean all of us –  Humans and animals, alike.  We are all blind to love sometimes.  
  • Love.  We can see it through our eyes.  We can hear it through our ears,  we can know it through our brains, but we feel it in our hearts.
  • Love.  This very special kind of love, we don’t see it or hear it but we can feel it.  We don’t recognize it but we know that it is there.
  • Love.

Note:  I got a lot of what I am saying here from lots of different songs but the words say  whatever  I wanted  to  say. 



Hi, Rachel here.

I am in Eugene with my mom and dad. Just watching  them both together for each other is showing me how much they love each other. I can see that they really love each other.  I am with my dad right now while he goes through his treatment.  He has been very sick.  Yes he is strong and weak. Right now I am seeing my mom really loving him and I am very proud.  You don’t always get to see that kind of love.  Thank you for your time. 


Michael Denman Ory REMER

Rachel here!  Hi, how are you?

I want to say how much I love my newest nephew, Michael.  He is so cute.  He looks a lot like his mom and his dad.  He is going to have chocolate brown curly hair  likey brother- in-law and his Auntie’s azure blue eyes and the “Ory” toes.

He started out way too small but now that he is 4 months old he weighs fifteen pounds, has long legs more than one chin. and he eats like a pig.

His  ” Forfor” that means father’s father will be looking down at his grandson.  He will be watching him growing up happy. He will be looking at him with 1000% smile on his face as he stares at him.

My brother-in-law’s dad was such a great guy.  I love him. He was the greatest man ever and Michael was named after him.

I enjoy my new nephew so much. His whole name Michael is for his grandfather and Denman is after his great- grandfather.

I am extra proud of him!

Oliver’s 1st Birthday

We had so much fun last weekend – June 4th and June 5th.  It was my youngest great nephew’s birthday!  He just turned one year old and he is so cute.  Oliver is a great little walker, too.  

A lot of people came and not just me and my family.  My neice’s husband’s family and friends were all there too!  My brother-in-law barbecued and we all ate hot dogs and hamburgers and fruit and drank cokes.  

He opened presents and all the kids played on water toys and had lots and lots of fun.  On the fifth we watched Oliver open more presents – new clothes, books, and a new truck.  I am just…I am just…too happy.  I can’t believe my little guy is a whole year old already!  He is so! So! Cute!  The cutest thing – ever!  I am his great aunt and I am so glad I am!

Here are some pics I took.  One is my nephew holding his nephew (my great nephew) 


Mom and Dad

My mom and dad do have a lot of problems and a hard life sometimes but I really love them.  They are the best parents I could ever have.

My dad has terminal cancer and needs extra help sometimes but, lately, he has been walking around again and doing lots of stuff and that is good.  I am lucky to have awesome parents!

With them I see all of the light in them both.  I make them so happy and then I see them smiling.  They talk together like buddies sometimes and it makes ME happy to see that.

Both my parents have always worked very hard.  I know my mom does and not just with me but with every one she sees.  She tries very hard to make everyone happy.

My mom and dad are a Team.  To me my parents are the best and when I see them communicate or smile or laugh- I swear it is like a bunch of summer days and beyond beautiful. Like whole days with beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Days when the sun glitters on the water looking so beautiful.  And I am glad I am on their team. 


A Fish Tale. 

I I volunteer at the library.  I have made a lot of friends there.  One of my friends is Mark Lee J—-.  He is very nice.  He gave me a beautiful picture for my birthday last October.  Today he gave me 4  beeeutiful trout.  My mom cooked them for dinner.  They sure were good!  I took this picture so I can show Mark next time I work at the library.